Below is a sample of questions that should help answer some of yours. Check back for answers to your questions.
Should I just send a check for the coins that I wish to purchase, or call or email to reserve them first?
Most, but not all of the coins are one of a kind in our stock. Please, email or call to place a 5-day hold on the coins desired. Second and if possible third choices are appreciated!
If I really don't like a coin, what about returns?
All coins (except bullion related purchases) carry a full 7-day return privilege. Our return rate is between 2% to 3% of the coins purchased. We take the time to describe your coins in detail. Call for such descriptions.
How fast do you usually ship?
Most orders are sent out the same or next day. If we tell you a coin is in stock, it is!
If a coin is out of stock, do you let me know?
Yes! Many coins are one of a kind. In the event that your coin is temporarily sold out, you may pick another item, or we will advise when it is back in stock -  your choice. We do strongly advise this: first, second, even third choices are a good idea!
Do you handle WANT LIST?
Yes, if a coin is not in stock, and you wish to be placed on a want list we also can do this as a service for our customers.
Yes. From $300. per month, to whatever limit you state. Do you want to put together a Morgan Dollar collection? Peace Dollar? Walking Liberty Half? Call to discuss terms.
I'm new to coins. Is there anyone I can talk to? Seems most companies just don't have the time to explain!
Yes, we are noted for our customer service. Call us with ANY coin questions! We take the time to explain, educate, and enjoy your purchase!
Trust is very important to me. How can I feel confident in placing my orders?

We have been in business for over 30-years. Robert S. Riemer is also a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association since 1970. Questions? Call us: 203-359-2646.