I wish to thank you for your patience and help in regard to the world of coins.
Seven years ago, I send a bunch of old coins to you to find out if they were worth anything.
   I did not send return postage to you (didn't think), you however returned them yourself and wrote what the coins were worth, do not clean them and a few other helpful hints.
   I told my husband, if I ever bought coins I would buy them from you. You did not have to return my coins or explain zip, but you did. I have never forgotten that, That is why I now buy my coins from you. What goes out, does come back. I'm a bit more educated about protocol now, but am still thankful.
G.K., Arizona

   I got the 1895-O Morgan dollar that you sold me in AU58, it's beautiful! I just surprised that it didn't go MS60! It has nice toning and lots of mint luster. Thanks for the great service!

   As you said the 1909 S VDB cent is very nice. I am very happy with the color, and everything about it! I am surprised that it didn't go MS65 RB (bought as a MS 64 RB! In the future I will be calling you to buy other coins. Thank you very much for being professional!
C.L., Boston

   I received my GSA Collectors Album for GSA 10 coin holders and COA's. Very nice job! Everything fits nicely and the set has finally found a home together.
D.H., Prescott, AZ
    I received the MS 64 Stone Mountain today, and I had to write to tell you how impressed I am with the coin. This coin is clearly a PQ 64. Please give me more details on your store. U would like to continue to do business with you, especially when you find such exceptional coins for your customers.
A.R., GA
     The 1879 CC COA (certificate of authenticity)  arrived today at !:30 PM!!  It is in perfect condition!! To say I am pleased, is an understatement!!
     Incidentally, I was on the phone telling a friend this morning about buying this COA from you. As soon as I said I bought it from a Man on the east  coast in Stamford... Before I could finish, he said "You bought that from Robert Riemer, I know him!"  He also said RSR Coins has a great reputation!! ...old fashioned values and ethics, I guess! I am pleased to hear that you also have that reputation as well! 
      I should know, I am a retired Long Beach California police commander, and I have dealt with criminals ranging the full spectrum of society, from the top to the bottom!
      By the way, I would not have known about your COA, if it were not for, another friend, a new friend, who told me about it! 
      Due to my former profession, I like to think I am a fairly good judge of a persons character!
      Thanks again!
D.B., California
     I want to compliment you on having the best prices and an extremely exciting and through selection of very desirable coins in any publication, I have yet perused! Thanks you!

G.D., Redway, CA
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to get in touch.